Do you ever? 

Do you ever just feel like your standing in a crowd screaming at the top of your lungs and no one even turns?!
Idk maybe it’s just me….. 


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Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. 

Yesterday my anxiety hit hard all day! I felt myself wanting to just lay in bed all day with the covers over my head. Unfortunately that wasn’t an option for me. I got out of the bed the best I could and went to work. Sobbing the whole way there and at times during the day. That was yesterday….

Today isnt as bad or hard of a struggle. 

So I pray tomorrow will be a good day! 

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Too long!

Its been too long since Ive had time to just sit and write about whats been going on with me. Ive heard its good to write and express how your feeling and what not but sharing my private life has always been hard up until this year. So much has happened this year that I couldnt come to terms with so lets just say Im seeing a therapist now. Im not crazy nor have I ever thought seriously about seeing a therapist until my life turned up side down and I couldnt even deal with the day to day things. I felt my anxiety at an all time high and everything and nothing would cause my anxiety to act up. I have found with going to therapy it has helped sort though all the crazy feelings I tried so hard to push down and forget.  So with all this being said I just want everyone to remember its ok to not be ok all the time. Dont be afraid to seek help if you feel lost. Every day you live and breath is a blessing.






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Its just one of those days!!!

Okay so,  this morning I woke up in a good mood, until I took my dog for a walk. There were two men out side  smoking(not good) and just like any other dog who see’s strangers my dog barked at those two men. Then they started talking smack on how he was annoying and barking at nothing. I was so angry because hello dogs bark! It’s what they do. So why did they have to be so rude!! That being said its early, just because they woke up on the wrong side of the bed does not give them the right to be mean.  when they began running their mouths I couldn’t help not to say anything back. I said ” oh wow you sure think your cool out here smoking and talking smack about a dog, what a life” lol I know to some people a dog is just a dog, but i am an animal lover and if some one is being rude just to be rude I am not one to keep my mouth shut!!!! “God gave you a mouth for a reason, to speak up for yourself.” If you don’t no one will!!!!  So I guess that’s it for now, they already put me in a bad mood, hopefully it will change.

yours truly,


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